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Arkansas Juvenile Advocacy & Reform

I believe in second chances, juvenile justice reform, advocating for better juvenile laws, resources for those returning to society after decades of incarceration, facilitating an easy transition from lifetime parole to having rights restored, other services to enable a more successful transition is what AJAR does best.

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Right now, nobody serving a life sentence in Arkansas; is eligible for a second chance unless they were under the age of 18; when their crime was committed. 
We know through brain science; that the brain is continuing to grow into our mid-twenties.

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About AJAR

A window or door slightly open...

...leaving a slight opening for those left behind and trying to find their way home!


AJAR is an online forum that will focus on Criminal Justice Reformation - primarily juvenile justice reform.  But open and willing to explore and address other areas in the Arkansas Criminal Justice System that could be better.  We will be working not only to create a fairer juvenile justice system, but also brings us more in line with the juvenile brain science and what we know today about the growth of the juvenile brain.

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